Championship podium eligibility

USA National Championships

In order to be eligible for the USA National Championships, athletes must be a citizen of USA, and member of USA Skimo.

​North American Continental Championships

In order to be eligible for the NA Continental Championship podium, the athlete must be a citizen of, and racing under the nation of USA, Canada, or Mexico. Non continental athletes are welcome to race, however see below for specifics on podiums.

​Vertical and Individual disciplines

If a non continental athlete(s) podiums (places in the top 3), a continental athlete(s) will move up a place(s) on the podium. Race Organizers may have the non-continental athlete take their place on the podium for a photo opportunity or other celebration.

​Sprint discipline

The non-continental athlete(s) will be allowed to race to obtain a qualifying time however they will not advance beyond the qualification round.

Separate podiums will be conducted for USA National Championships and NA Continental Championships.

Race divisions

The Powderkeg recognizes the following divisions for both male and female athletes.


  • Age:
    • 45+ Birth year 1970 - 1979
    • 55+ (Super masters) Birth year 1969 or before
  • Course: long course


  • Age: 24-44. Birth year 1980-2001
  • Course: long course


  • Age: 21-23. Birth year 2002-2003
  • Course: long course


  • Age: 19-20. Birth year 2004-2005
  • Course: long course


  • Age: 17-18. Birth year 2006-2007
  • Course: short course


  • Age: 15-16. Birth year 2008-2009
  • Course: short course


  • Age: 14 and under. Birth year 2010 and later
  • Course: short course

Recreational division

  • Any age without a USSMA license
  • Will start in a separate wave 5 minutes behind race divisions
  • Course: long (Senior 20-54, Masters 55+) or short (Senior 20-54, Master 55+, Junior 19 and under)
  • Juniors in the recreational division may be accompanied by an adult if necessary.

Powderpint division

  • Introductory race for the pint size uphill skiers.
  • Ages 10 and under
  • Course: climb the 1st part of the 1st climb, about 500-700 vertical feet, then ski down to the finish.
  • $10 entry fee
  • Pint-sized racers should be accompanied by an adult.