Required gear

  • Skis – Minimum length: women = 150cm, men = 160cm. Minimum combined weight ski + binding: women = 700g, men = 750g. Touring skis, telemark or splitboards accepted on both long and short course.

  • Bindings – Toe and heel piece must be same brand. Must have both lateral and forward release functions. Touring binding accepted.

  • Brakes

    Race division: (long or short course) brakes or leashes are required. Brakes will be mandatory starting 2025.

    Rec division: brakes or leash recommended, not monitored by USA Skimo Referee.

  • Boots – Rubber sole must cover 100% of boot bottom. Minimum weight: women = 450g, men = 500g

  • Poles – Of maximum diameter 25mm, and with non-metallic baskets

  • Climbing Skins – At least 1 pair, must cover at least 50% of the surface area of the ski and 50% of the length of the ski

  • Helmet – Dual Certified Helmets are required for all race division athletes (skiing EN 1077, climbing UIAA 106 or climbing EN 12492). Rec division is required to wear a helmet, either ski or climb certified, no bike helmets.

  • Beacon – Must transmit on 457 kHz, with three search antennas

  • Shovel – Must have separate blade and shaft with handle, i.e,. no snow claws. Minimum total length 50 cm

  • Probe – Must be a dedicated sectional probe, i.e., no probe poles. Minimum 240cm

  • Gloves – Must cover the entire hand up to the wrist – to be worn the duration of the race

  • Pack – Must have sufficient carrying capacity to hold all of the equipment required by the regulations, with two rear and/or lateral fastening straps for carrying skis. All courses have a mandatory boot-pack section.

  • Hydration – bottle or bladder

  • Whistle

  • Rescue blanket / bivy

  • Eye Protection – goggles, helmet shield or sunglasses

  • Upper Body Layer – total of 3. 2 warmth and 1 windproof layer in pack.

  • Lower Body Layer - 2 total, one must be a windproof layer.