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We will be following ISMF rules for all divisions and implementing penalties for the Elite Division. The full list of ISMF rules is very detailed. We recommend that all racers review these rules and make sure you are familiar with them. The official rules are on the ISMF site.

  • Uphill is marked with Green, Downhill with Red, Booting sections with Yellow
  • You must ascend with skins
  • You must descend with boots locked and locked into the ski
  • Skis must be attached to a pack in 2 attachment points for all booters
  • Skins must be fully tucked into suit/jacket prior to leaving the transition area
  • All transitions must occur entirely within the marked transition zone
  • Poles must be flat on the ground during all transitions (skiing to skinning, skinning to skiing, skinning to booting, booting to skinning).
  • Race and checkpoint officials can require racers to put on jackets at any time


Participants must park at the Brighton Store. Parking in any other lots will result in disqualification.

Pre-race briefing

Instead of a pre-race meeting, we ask that all participants please review the race information presentation before race day.


All racers must complete waivers for Brighton and the PowderKeg. Please complete them prior to race day to expedite checkin.

Required gear


Minimum length: women - 150cm, men - 160cm

Minimum 750g Ski/Binding for men and 700g for women


Toe and heel piece must be same brand


Rubber sole must cover 75% of boot bottom

Minimum weight 500g for men and 450g for women


at least 1 pair


3 upper body layers

1 layer must be a wind proof layer

1 layer must be short or long sleeved (no tank tops)

2 lower body layers


Must meet UIAA 106 of CE EN 12492 standards


Conforms to standard EN 300718 457 kHz frequency


No snow claws. Minimum length 50 cm.


No probe poles. Minimum 240cm

Must carry:

  • Poles
  • Gloves
  • Pack
  • Sunglasses

Other optional equipment as required by the race